Covid tests for all travellers “could be scrapped January” to boost holidays


Robert Courts, aviation minister, stated that he wants the sector. “bounce back”From the coronavirus epidemic as he confirmed that regulations for people entering the country will be revised

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Ministers have revealed that the rules for Covid testing international travelers will be reviewed in January.

Robert Courts, the Aviation Minister, stated that he would like to see the aviation industry flourish. “bounce back”From the coronavirus outbreak, he said that regulations for those arriving in the country would be re-evaluated.

Although the regulations were relaxed last month, travellers who have received all required vaccinations are still required to pay for an exam when entering the UK.

M. Courts spoke at the Airlines 2021 conference held in Westminster. “We all want to see aviation bounce back.

“We all want to lower not only the testing but all of the restrictive measures.

He continued on: “We’re going to review the policy in January. We’ll be looking to see what we can do at that stage.”

The minister was unable to provide details on the possible amendments to the travel rules.

Willie Walsh, ex-head of British Airways’ parent company IAG, spoke at the summit. “I think we’ve had overly restrictive measures in place in the UK for far too long, and that’s definitely slowed down the recovery.”

He described the names of the lists after different colors as “ridiculous”, adding: “I’ve never seen a traffic light with five or six colours on it.”

Mr Walsh called on the Department for Transport (DPT) to “more vocal in defending the aviation industry”.

He also added: “It has a job to do to ensure that other parts of Government understand the critical contribution that aviation makes, which I think has been taken for granted in the UK for far too long.”

International arrivals who have been fully vaccinated no longer need to self-isolate. They must pay for a test on or before day 2.

This test can be performed laterally, which is quicker and more affordable than a conventional PCR test.

Persons who have not been fully vaccinated are required to take a test within the three days prior to arriving in the UK.

They will also need to quarantine their home or place of residence for 10 days and pay for two post-arrival DNA tests.

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