COVID Vaccine Syringe Caps Repurposed Into Dresses


Now, plastic from vaccine syringes can be turned into fashion.

Violetta Riedel was an administrative assistant in a vaccination clinic during COVID-19.

Her creativity was sparked by the plastic waste from the syringe caps, and she created a fashion line a few months later.

Reidel used materials that would have been sent to a landfill for avant-garde clothing.

“I see a lot of plastic in the garbage every day. I thought, oh my gosh, I’d have to do something with it,” she said.

Red caps from Moderna vaccine walk down the runway wearing red gowns, while glitter fills in the plastic caps that used to be encased with injection needles.

According to the designer, she wants people be happy. “surprised”When they discover the material of her clothing.

These clothes are proof that you can be both a good steward of the environment and a fashionista at the same.


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