‘Cowboy Bebop’ Fans React After Netflix Suddenly Cancels Show After 1 Season


Less than a month after its debut and after just one season, Netflix on Thursday canceled Cowboy Bebop, sparking a strong response from fans on social media. The live-action adaptation of the classic anime by the same name starred John Cho as bounty hunter Spike Spiegel, who is also known as “Fearless,” who teams with Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir) on the Bebop. Over the course of the series, they pick up Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) and Radical Edward (Eden Perkins), all of whom are trying to outrun the past.

However, while there had been plenty of anticipation for the series, it apparently didn’t live up to the hype. While Cowboy Bebop made it to the No. 1 spot on the Netflix’s Top 10 TV Series chart and also cracked into the Top 3 overall titles on the platform, even earning 74 million viewing hours worldwide since its debut on Nov. 19, its fanfare quickly died. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the week following its premiere, Cowboy Bebop dropped nearly 59% in viewership, and the series only earned a 50% critic rating and 53% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, being dubbed as a prime example of “Netflix bloat” that looks “worse than CW quality.”

Regardless of the overall consensus to the series, news of Cowboy Bebop‘s quick cancellation was met with swift response from viewers on social media, many of whom were disappointed to learn that the series would not get a second outing while others took the opportunity to share what they thought did and didn’t work in the Netflix adaptation. Keep scrolling to see what Netflix subscribers and fans had to say.

Netflix should ‘reconsider’ the cancellation

“No, I actually liked this adaptation. Why cancel it after setting up the second season of the show?” asked one person. “C’mon people, everything can’t be like it was in the anime.”


‘Such a Netflix thing to do’

“It wasnt awful but it wasnt great. I think there WAS potential there though & giving it a 2nd season, especially with Ed coming in, could’ve saved it & given them a chance to fix things,” added somebody else. “Canceling now just makes the entire thing a waste. But this is such a Netflix thing to do.”


The show brought fans ‘so much joy’

“[Cowboy Bebop] was so special to me. The PoC sci-fi representation I’ve wanted all my life. I want to thank [John Cho], [Mustafa Shakir], [Daniella Pineda], Mason Park, the whole creative team,” wrote one fan. “In one of the most difficult years of my life, this show, brought me so much joy.”


Subscribers upset with Netflix’s cancellation history

“I think I might start not watching any new series on [Netflix] until they’re concluded. Getting so tired of starting something good just to have them cancel it. [Cowboy Bebop] was the final straw,” wrote one person in response to Netflix’ tendency to cancel series after just one or two seasons. “Start respecting your viewers, Netflix.”


‘Really disappointed’

“This sucks,” shared somebody else. “I know the show wasn’t perfect but I think john cho, mustafa shakir, and daniella pineda did a solid job. I was actually interested to see what they would do with a second season.”


‘Such a bummer’

“I liked the show. I hate anime,” tweeted one viewer. “The people who liked the original were never going to like the live action. Did they know their audience?”


‘Really upset’

“I’m really upset. Long time fan of the original anime, and I can definitely say if you couldn’t see the creators love and passion for this adaptation you’re blind,” tweeted another viewer. “The acting was natural and the atmosphere was on par. And Ed was just perfect.”


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