Crew member of ‘Deadliest Catch’ is seriously injured in a boat accident


Deadliest Catch In footage that was shown on Tuesday’s episode, star Francis Katungin sustained serious injuries. This created a nightmare scenario to Patricia Lee Captain Rip. The accident took place one year after Todd Kochutin (Carlton’s beloved crew member) was involved in a similar incident on the same boat. Katungin had to be flown by a Coast Guard helicopter to get medical attention.

On Tuesday’s episode, Patricia Lee crew started setting crab pots in rough waters when a sudden wave forced a pot from a launcher. Deckhand Katungin was then pinched against a railing using a piece of stainless steel. Deadliest Catch Producer Todd Stanley appeared in front of the camera for Katungin’s assistance, reports TV Insider.

Unfortunately, Deadliest CatchProducers used the episode’s cliffhanger as a way to end the week. Katungin was not able to reveal the extent of his injuries, but it seems that he had broken his hip and fractured his pelvis. Carlton had 16 hours of piloting the boat to get to a Coast Guard helicopter that could evacuate Katungin. Katungin was taken from the boat at the end of the episode.

“You gotta do the best job you can,”Carlton spoke to the camera. “My best job is to get this boat to a safe spot for the Coast Guard to get Francis off, which is not gonna be easy.”Katungin’s frustration was evident. “I just want to finish this trip. Finish this f— season,”While he was awaiting rescue, he said these words. “This is where I like being is right here. This is what I love doing.”

Kochutin, age 30, died February 20, 2021. His obituary stated that he sustained severe injuries while aboard the Patricia Lee. Fans were only able to learn more about his death at the beginning of this month. Deadliest CatchReports on the 18th season of The Apprentice have been returned PEOPLE. Captain Bill Wichrowski was told that someone on board his ship requires medical attention. Sig Hansen reported that someone was hit with a “crab pot”, a cage that can support up to 800 lbs. Kochutin, the victim, was found in a “lot of pain,”One medic said. Kochutin later died on board the ship.

According to his ObituaryKochutin, who was born in Anchorage (Alaska) was an astrologer. “passionate”Fisherman with a “pleasant personality.”His siblings, brother, and parents preceded him in death. “Todd will also be forever remembered by his numerous cousins and extended family and dear friends,”Kochutin’s obituary is here.

Other Deadliest CatchCast members have lost their lives during the show’s two decades-long history. In December, Nick McGlashan died at a Nashville hotel. According to the autopsy report the 33-year old died from a drug overdose. Mahlon Reyes died in July 2020 after a drug overdose. He was 38.

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