Cris Collinsworth’s Voice Had Fans Concerned During NBC’s Sunday Night Football


Cris Collinsworth’s work in the NBC Sunday Night Football booth is typically uneventful, but for the premiere game on Sunday he was a bit under the weather. This led to fans tuning in to the game between the Cowboys and Buccaneers to share their concern for the former NFL star.

The catch is that Collinsworth doesn’t sound much different than he normally does. It’s possible that we’re not tuning in as much, but it must’ve been noticeable to most fans. Collinsworth was under the weather, though, and co-announcer Mike Tirico made a note on-air.

While he doesn’t seem to be on death’s door, fans couldn’t help making jokes and questioning if the former Bengals star needed some assistance. Other comments theorized Collinsworth had been hitting the cigarettes hard, that he was hungover, and a few others. Scroll down to take in some of the better responses.

Help This Man

“NBC Sports’ Cris Collinsworth is definitely playing hurt tonight. Voice is strained, doesn’t have the same energy. But he’s gutting out the telecast,” a final comment added, summing up how a lot of people felt.


Creativity Flowing!

“Cris Collinsworth sounds like he slept in a refrigerator last night,” another added. Folks really did their best to be creative with some of these jokes.


Moment of Silence!

“Poor Cris Collinsworth…the lads voice on [SNFonNBC] sounds like he’s got an electric shaver stuck in his throat…” a fourth laid in from across the pond.


Back to School

“Cris Collinsworth sounds like I tried to sound when I would call in sick to my college job on Monday mornings,” another added, getting a flashback to those harder days in the classroom.


Tip Top Shape!

“Cris Collinsworth is that level of sick where you tell your buddies it’s just a cold, and you’ve tested negative for COVID twice already, and you actually feel way better than you sound, but no one is buying it,” one fan wrote.


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