Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal were a team “fear”Now, get ready to sweat for the World Cup.


Portugal lost in the last minutes against Serbia, meaning that their World Cup spot next summer is in doubt. Cristiano Ronaldo and his team-mates were accused of stealing. “fear”

Portugal boss Fernando Santos has praised Bernardo Silva, but also claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo and his team-mates were part of the Portugal team. “fear and anxiety”As they lost to Serbia.

Aleksandar Mitchellovic won the Lisbon title, defeating the Euro 2016 champions.

Portugal’s 2022 World Cup spot is now in doubt as they’re forced to enter the play-offs.

Serbia advances as group winners, leaving Ronaldo wondering if he will be playing in the record-equalling fifth World Cup.

Renato Sanches had given Portugal an advantage before the Serbians reversed the situation.

After the reverse Santos claimed that his side was reverted to their original position “DNA”Ronaldo was also seen sabotaging his players’ courage.

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He said: “It looked like it was going to be, but it wasn’t. After the initial moments, we scored the goal. We started to lose our footing a lot.

“The players tried. We didn’t restart the game. Every time we did that, we created problems. Most of the time, we weren’t able to.

“Serbia were better. We tried. Our DNA is to have the ball on our feet and play. Bernardo Silva wanted the ball, but he was the only one. We played with fear and anxiety. It’s my responsibility.”

Portugal lost the 2018 World Cup in the 16th stage after winning Euro 2016 France.

Belgium defeated them again at this summer’s Euros.

Santos insists that his country will be in middle east next year, having qualified for every World Cup from 2002 to 2003.

The Portugal boss added: “We’ll be in Qatar. We know that we didn’t do as we should, but it’s not impossible for us to be there.

“We’ve always played to win and think about the offensive moment. However, it does not always go as planned. It’s all my fault.”

Bernardo has apologised to the fans after his country lost at the Estadio da Luz in the dying moments.

He said: “It was horrible, but we must do better as we have a March play-off and will try our best to qualify. At home, though, we did much better with 65,000 fans.

“I apologise to the Portuguese (fans) who watched a game they shouldn’t have watched. The plan was to try to have the ball, we were completely dominated by Serbia. With the quality of our players this is hardly admissible.”