Critical Kate Middleton Story Disappears. Was It The Palace To Blame For?


Anyone who’s seen The CrownThe royal family is known for making unflattering media disappear. A criticizing article appeared in the summer. Kate MiddletonIn a British newspaper, the entire story was completely lost. Some believe that pressure was applied by the royal family. Here’s what we know.

The Kate Middleton Story of Disappearance Causes Unrest

It’s no secret that the media bashes certain members of the royal family while others are angelic. It is clear that Meghan Markle and Middleton are hypocrites, as Markle cannot do right and Middleton cannot do wrong. This double standard isn’t limited to tabloids.

The Telegraph is one of Britain’s leading newspapers. The paper ran an op-ed by Middleton and First Lady Jill Biden promoting childhood education. Critical op-ed by its own. Joanna Rossiter wrote Middleton “is in danger of falling into the same trap as the Sussexes; she has risked aligning herself too closely with a sitting political party.”She stated it was impossible to see Middleton doing the exact same thing as Melania Trump so she promoted. “is a tacit endorsement of the Bidens.”

A Critical Piece Was Pulled

The piece was trashed by Royal watchers. It’s one thing to criticize a political affiliation, but Middleton WasThis was done in the name helping all children access pre-school. This is not a great way to treat children.

It’s also not a very attractive look. After the critical op-ed was published, I pulled it. Within hours, Rossiter’s piece disappeared. However, the paper has not issued an official statement. A source however stated that Rossiter’s piece disappeared within hours. BuzzfeedIt was not in touch with the paper by the Palace. The Palace called the allegation. “ludicrous.” You can’t find the article in The TelegraphContinue reading.

Critics quickly noted that TelegraphEven in this op ed, it trashed Markle, Prince Harry every time, with no retractions. It feels like the paper was aiming at the wrong royal and it changed its course. Middleton was too busy announcing the center for early childhood advocacy that she could not comment.

Symbiotic Relationship

Prince Harry discussed the relationship between Oprah and the media when he sat down to talk with Oprah. “If you as a family member are willing to wine, dine, and give full access to these reporters, then you will get better press,”He went so far as saying “the institution survives”Because of this.

A Missouri representative attacked Markle this week for writing a letter to Congress pleading for paid parental leaves. His statement was all over the internet. Daily MailYet The Telegraph piece attacking Middleton for being partisan couldn’t stay? Something seems fishy. We’ll probably never know what really caused this retraction, but palace interference doesn’t sound too nonsensical.

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