Cruel Gossip Says That Pink Supposedly ‘Packed On’90 Pounds, Apparently Risking Your Career


Has Pink‘s recent weight gain landed her in a career crisis? One tabloid claims the pop singer isn’This is not her best look in recent years. Let’s check in on the three-time Grammy winner.

‘Hefty’Pink ‘Too Pudgy To Perform’?

This week, National Enquirer reports Pink’s days of acrobatic stunts may be over. According to the article: “What About Us”The singer is now 210 lbs and her future as a performer is uncertain. “People have noticed she’s really put on the poundage,”Insider secrets “Most of it is down to stress and anxiety. Eating has been her coping mechanism and she hasn’t denied herself anything in the way of food and drink. Carbs are her weakness!”

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The tabloid recalls Pink’s open struggle with panic attacks, insisting that the stress of not being able to perform her signature aerial stunts is sure to take its toll. “Even if she finds a way to do them, she must realize her days of high-wire acts are numbered unless she gets her weight under control,”The tipper concludes.

Is Pink’s Weight Out Of Control?

Tabloids love to be fooled by baggy clothes. Pink didn’t suddenly gain 90 pounds overnight—she just stepped out in an oversized t-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting joggers. We tracked the tabloid’s photos back to a sighting of Pink leaving the Greenwich Hotel in New York City in late June. The Daily Mail Also, footage was taken of the singer arriving at our establishment—this time wearing a hot pink cropped jacket—and she looked as stunning as she always has.

Evidently, the tabloid saw an opportunity for mislead and took it. Pink isn’t suddenly in a weight crisis, and we strongly doubt it’s affected her career. But, interestingly, the magazine doesn’t mention the fact that the singer actually hasn’t been performing any aerial stunts lately. It has nothing to do with anyone’s weight, however. It’s mostly due to the hip operation she underwent late last year. In November, she had her hip operation. “Please Don’t Leave Me”Rocker shared her painful recovery from surgery and said that she would be walking with crutches at least six weeks.

She also said that she would fully recover. If that includes acrobatics, we’re not sure. But what we do know is that Pink’s lack of aerial performances doesn’t have anything to do with her weight, contrary to the tabloid’s story. Besides, weight ultimately has very little to do with performing, and it’s shameful to see this sort of pathetic language. .

More Body-Shaming in the Tabloid

Pink is not the only celebrity to receive this cruel treatment by the National Enquirer. The outlet reported last year that Vin Diesel was causing health concerns due to his recent weight gain. After Johnny Depp gained weight, the magazine claimed that Johnny was worried about his friends. The magazine also reported that Amal Clooney had ordered George to lose weight. It’s obvious that the Get in touch doesn’t have the tact to handle the sensitive topic of weight gain, let alone health.

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