Culpo Sisters: Aurora Grills Olivia on Her Baby Plans


Nobody can dissect you quite like a sibling.

Enjoy this exclusive clip from TLC’s November 21 episode The Culpo Sisters, Aurora CulpoThis is a quest to find out why sister Olivia CulpoIs it being so hesitant about talking to my boyfriend Christian McCaffrey about her hopes to have kids with him.

Aurora questions Olivia while she is browsing in a clothing shop. “Why don’t you want to have the conversation with him about when he wants to have them?”

Olivia answers in a moment full of transparency “I don’t want to ask him that because I don’t want to know what he would say.”

As you can see Olivia’s sentiments are not well received by her older sister.

“That’s not a good reason!” Aurora says. “You can’t avoid conversations because you don’t want an answer you’re not going to be happy with.”

Aurora expressed concern that Christian might be interested in children someday and he might also say, “I meant when I’m 45 or when I’m 80.”

Christian, a star NFL runningback, was traded from the Carolina Panthers in October to the San Francisco 49ers. He turned 26 in June. Christian and Olivia started dating in summer 2019.

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