Curvy’s star, Curvy, calls herself “catfish” as she swaps her dressing gown for a glam corset


Olivia Kirby has described herself as a ‘catfish’She opted instead for a glamorous corset, and ditched her dressing gown.

She often shares body positivity posts with her 322,000 TikTok fans, where she doesn’t hesitate to show off her fullness and natural belly.

Olivia has taken it back this time by taking off her makeup and removing her tan, while she swapped her crop tops for a basic white dress.

The British beauty, who has had 95,000 views of the clip, shared how a quick glance through her closet and some beauty products can transform her look in a matter of minutes.

woman with blonde hair in white dressing gown
First, the influencer shows off her naked face

Olivia imitated lip-syncing while listening to an audio clip. “He called me ugly on the inside and the outside, I’m sorry he’s just wrong about the outside part.”

After shedding her dress, the beautiful influencer became a glamorous bombshell.

Her hourglass figure was highlighted by her tight corset and her glowing face from the make-up she used made it look even more radiant.

The caption was added by the influencer. “who is sheeee”Included the hashtag ‘catfish’It is also available.

Amazed by Olivia’s jaw dropping clip, many people fled to the comments to swoon over the influencer.

woman in corset
Olivia sure has treated her fans to a treat!

One fan gasped: “Babe you’re so unbelievably gorgeous.”

Another user was added: “Literally Cinderella.”

An honorable third party: “You are 100% beautiful both ways.”

Someone else voiced: “You’re so pretty I wished I looked like u.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user expressed: “You are incredible.”

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