Cynthia Bailey Unveils Which A-List Actress Is It “a Huge Fan”Hers


Cynthia BaileyAtlanta isn’t her home, but she will not leave for Hollywood.It is rising in the entertainment industry ranks—and she already has an Oscar-winning fan rooting for her.

E! has just released the latest episode featuring reality TV personality. News’ Down in the DMsShe’s just starting to resurrect her career as an actor, and she has some very important messages for someone who is definitely an expert on how to give a great performance. Octavia Spencer. “I posted a picture of her,” Cynthia recalled, “She commented, ‘Thanks, sis. I’m a huge fan of yours.’ She says she was a huge fan of mine?! I flipped out.”

However, the exchange did not end there! The Real Housewives of AtlantaAn alum stated that she reached out and thanked Octavia for her kind words. she’sThe one you love the most. “continue to move in greatness.”The Hidden FiguresStar apparently replied “Oh my God, no way! You are so graceful, even when it’s difficult to be. Keep being you! Black women need those positive images.”

Cynthia was naturally overjoyed.