D.H. Peligro – Dead Kennedys, Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer, Dead At 63


D.H. Peligro, real name Darren Henley, Friday, February 5, 2008: Death at his Los Angeles homeThe cause of death was an accidental fall. The drummer was aged 63.

Peligro is perhaps best remembered for his time in The Dead Kennedys. He joined the band in February 1981 and was featured on the EP In God We Trust. He was also a member of the band on Plastic Surgery Disaster and Frankenchrist, as well as Bedtime for Democracy. You can feel his presence in singles, Give Me Convenience and Give Me Death.

“I am heartbroken. D.H. Peligro passed away in his Los Angeles home yesterday, Oct 28th. He died from trauma to his head from an accidental fall. Arrangements are pending will be announced in the coming days. We were musical brothers. Thank you for your thoughts and words of comfort,”After the death broke all news, East Bay Ray, guitarist wrote on Facebook.

Dead Kennedy disbanded in 1986. However, they continue to perform under a new line-up that was formed in 2001 without Jello Biafra. Brandon Cruz became the vocalist when the band reformed 2001. There were several disputes with Biafra throughout the years, due to financial disputes and licensing decisions.

Peligro joined Red Hot Chili Peppers after The Dead Kennedys split up. He replaced Jack Irons as drummer before Chad Smith was hired. He was a part of the band’s hit album Mother’s Milk and wrote some songs, but he didn’t perform.

Peligro was part in The Dead Kennedys’ 2000s reunion and he remained with the band through the 2008 hiatus. Peligro played in several bands and also released three albums as a solo artist. The album Sum of Our Surroundings was an award-winning release.

Peligro’s family, and his bandmates, are all in our thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace.

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