Dad-to be gets flack for running to friends and not girlfriend after learning that Baby is a boy at Gender Reveal


Young dad-to be was so thrilled to find out he was having a boy, he ran straight to his friends and was caught on camera in an embarrassing moment.

They held a baseball-themed gender reveal. Hannah Calverley pitched the ball to Travis Gober and it burst into a cloud full of blue power.  

Gober realized they were going to have a boy. He ran to his friends and seemingly ignored the pregnant mother.   

The moment’s footage quickly became viral on TikTok, and social media took notice.  

“Should be a moment between the ma and dad first before ‘the boys,’”One commenter wrote.  

“You deserved better than this,”Another wrote, apparently to Calverley.  

But Calverley said the father of her child should not be criticized for his reaction.

“Travis is a great guy,”Inside Edition was told by Hannah Calverly, his girlfriend. “One 15-second video definitely does not show his character.” 

Gober stated that he was in shock when he took the actions he did.  

“I was just really shocked it was a boy because I really thought it was going to be a girl,”He said. “I wish I could go back and change it, but we all know I love her.”