Dan Harmon Laughs About Chevy Chase’s Return to ‘Community.


Dan Harmon had lots of fun with CommunityPeacock’s Return for a Moviecompleting the circle, and ending the ritual that created darkest timeline. He laughed about this topic. During his New York Comic-Con appearanceChevy Chase, and possibly a guest spot in the movie.

“I don’t even know if it’s legal for him to come back,” Harmon joked. “That may be out of my hands. There may something I sign for with an insurance company.”

The original debut of the show was in 2009 on NBC. It quickly became a favorite part of the network’s Thursday lineup with shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 RockOther. After the rollercoaster ride it went through, Harmon was fired. Harmon was then brought back after a season without success before Yahoo Screen finally took over the show for season six. It helped to establish and then apparently ended the streaming service.

The six-seasons portion of the show’s slogan that fans glommed on after its debut in an early episode is covered. “Six seasons and a movie’ started out as a cheeky line from Community‘s early seasons and quickly ignited a passionate fan movement for this iconic, hilarious and cool (cool, cool) NBC comedy,”Susan Rovner was the chairman of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming at the time that the film was made public. “We’re incredibly grateful that 15 years later, we are able to deliver fans this promised movie and can’t wait to get to work with Dan Harmon, Andrew Guest, Joel McHale, Sony and our partners at UTV to continue this epic comedy for Peacock audiences.”

The show will likely not have to chase back another cast member, but it will be able to remember another cast member. Harmon estimates that the return would be around 5%.. “I think that [Donald Glover] is coming, based on word of mouth, but it’s just the deal isn’t official or wasn’t official. It would be difficult to really commit to doing this thing without Donald,” Harmon revealed. “So I believe he is coming back. I think if there’s names missing from a list, it’s because the names that are on the list, their deals are agreed upon enough that it’s OK to say they are on the list, and anybody that’s not on a list, it’s just not the case yet. So there is nothing official about anybody being out.”

Chase is unlikely to make a return. SNL alum Chase allegedly made racist remarks on set towards Glover. He became a contentious cast member, almost to the extent that they treat him like a troublesome uncle you might want to limit your time with.

Joel McHale, Ducktales’ star Danny Pudi and Alison Brie will all be back officially. Chase, Glover, and Yvette Nicole brown are the only question marks in the cast. Harmon stated that it would be a matterof time before everything is made official.

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