Dan Snyder, Commanders owner, reported on his $180M yacht in France as House Panel Probes Harassment Claims


The owner of Washington D.C.’s pro football team was nowhere to be seen Wednesday when he came under fire at a congressional hearing.

The Washington Commanders’ Dan Snyder, also known as the Redskins’, is accused of orchestrating a campaign against cheerleaders.

“Mr. Snyder himself fostered the Commanders’ toxic workplace,”Carolyn Maloney (House Oversight and Reform Committee Chair) spoke at the hearing. 

However, the 57 year-old billionaire was absent from the hearing. A ship-tracking app was used to show his whereabouts: 4,000 miles away in the French Riviera on his $180 million yacht, called Lady S. 

“He chose to skip town. Apparently Mr. Snyder is in France, where he has docked his luxury yacht near a resort town,”Maloney claimed.

Maloney presented a 100-page dossier that Snyder claims Maloney compiled about the women.

“It shows the lengths Mr. Snyder went to, to harass, intimidate and silence his accusers,”Maloney claimed.

Inside Edition reported that cheerleaders at a Costa Rica calendar shoot claimed that they were ordered to be topless and to act as escorts. However, there was no sex involved.

Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, was also present and informed the committee that the NFL has resolved the problems with the team.

“What specific steps will the NFL take to hold Dan Snyder accountable?”Maloney contacted Goodell.

“Dan Snyder has been accountable. He faced unprecedented discipline, including financial fines,”Goodell stated.

There was much laughter as the Republicans of the committee declared that they had more pressing issues to address.

The NFL fined Snyder and his team $10 million. Snyder resigned as a member of the NFL’s day-today operations. His rep claims he couldn’t attend because of business commitments, and that it wouldn’t have been fair.

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