Dance Moms’ Lennon Torres Shares She Had Top Surgery


And because of her packed schedule, which included a trip to Phoenix to visit her family, a photo shoot on the East Coast and then a couple of long days of work with the NDRC back in Los Angeles, she barely had time to get nervous. She flew with her mom to be there. They woke up at five o’clock in the morning the day before the surgery and went off.

“I honestly think that was for the better,” Torres explained, “because I did a lot of the processing leading up to the decision of the date-setting. I’m glad I was moving quick because I am a very anxious person.” 

Agreeing to let a camera document her experience “came with some nerves,”Although she was open to sharing her reality, she said she was disappointed.

“You all will see me right out of bed at five in the morning, didn’t even get ready at all because you’re not allowed to,” Torres said with a smile, noting that she’ll be sharing videos and many more details from her surgery and recovery on TikTok starting Nov. 3. “I had my mom there, so that really helped a lot. I also had one of my best friends there filming, so it did feel a little bit more intimate. And it was a really amazing experience. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way, honestly.”

Now comes the fun part, even though healing takes time. 

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