Dancing on Ice fanatics yell in frustration as they ask for the’screaming girl’ to be taken out of the audience


Dancing on Ice enthusiasts were not impressed with any member of the audience. “volume”.

ITV viewers vented after watching several performances, with one cheerer screaming in support.

It is normal for fans to cheer on dancers live, but viewers were annoyed by one member shouting outside the general audience cheers.

After hearing the screaming, some fans called on the bosses for the removal of the individual. “ruined”The show is for them.

The tension was even greater as the dancers made their way through movie week. Celebrities were eager to show themselves against the popular tracks.

Dancing on Ice viewers were not impressed with the noise
Dancing on Ice viewers weren’t impressed by the noise

While many were awestruck by the spectacular routines, others could not help but be distracted at the member of the audience.

One Twitter user wrote: “Whoever that person is screaming so loud in the audience of Dancing on Ice is doing my nut in.”

Another thought: “Will someone please remove the screamer from the studio? It’s putting me off watching. So annoying.”

A third person wrote the following: “Can someone tell the woman screaming in the audience to shush! Had to turn my telly down.”

Cheers are to be expected during a live audience - but someone did stand out
When a live audience is present, laughter is to be expected. But someone stood out.

Another person, however claimed that it was better if there was no audience.

A second viewer added: “Get rid of that screaming banshee in the audience!”

Although the screaming was off-putting to many viewers, some were captivated by the incredible performances this week.

On Sunday’s episode, Reagan Gascoigne and Brendan Cole made it to the 30s on leaderboards, while Kimberley Wyatt took the top spot in an impressive move.

Rachel had performed on the show for the first time this week
Rachel was the first to perform on the show this week

After a remarkable performance in front of judges, she was able to climb straight to the top and was proud of her accomplishments on the ice.

Rachel Stevens, who was unable to make her debut week due an injury, took to the ice after she missed it.

Sunday’s Dancing on Ice will continue at 6pm on ITV

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