D’Andra Simmons weighs in on RHOD Reboot Rumors


A Dallas do-over?

BravoCon is in full swing D’Andra Simmons addressed the Online speculation about Dallas’ Real Housewives possibly being relaunched with her at the center.

“Honestly, I don’t know anything and that’s the absolute truth,”E! was the only source she spoke of. E! exclusively told her about the event. “But it would be a great opportunity to kind of shake it up and start over with some fresh faces and some fresh stories.”

D’Andra (53), stated that she believes the Texas version can still be successful, but producers must ensure they are able to. “change it up a little bit,”Casting is a crucial part of casting. She had even some recommendations for stand-out female auditionees who were part of the previous casting.

“We had some great people that were interviewed for the show, that really made it to the final and in fact, I said to somebody [in production], ‘This is your star right here. There’s your stars,'”She elaborated. “I don’t care being the star, I just want it to be one of six.”

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