Daniella Westbrook shares a clip about violent assault


Danniella Westbrook needs people to “stop the violence”After sharing a video of her friend’s goddaughter being brutally assaulted, she decided to share it.

The 48-year old EastEnders actress posted the clip to Instagram as a way to voice her opinion against bullying. “physically sick”.

Danniella stated that she broke down while watching the clip and that she didn’t know that the attack had been provoked.

She stated: “I just wanted to jump on quickly, if you have seen my last Instagram Story. There was a little girl yesterday who got brutally beaten up in Loughton High Street.

“No one stopped to help her, not even the little girl who was on her own. All of them were beating her up.

Danniella Westbrook called for her Instagram followers to share the video, in order to get justice for the victim
Danniella Westbrook urged her Instagram followers and friends to share the video in order to obtain justice for the victim.

“It’s actually really really upset me. It was my friend’s little goddaughter who has been beaten up, so anyone who knows anything about it, please share it.

“Let’s make sure this little girl gets justice. Please… Please… Please share it. Let’s not let bullying continue across the country.”

She captioned the clip: “A little girl in Loughton high rd, Essex was brutally attacked and beaten on Sunday. This is my friend’s daughter.

The former EastEnders star said the video 'really really upset' her
Former EastEnders star, said that the video was’really upset’ her

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“I know there are always two sides to every story but two on to one is not a fair fight. It’s blatant bullying.

“These girls are known to someone. If that person is you, do the right thing.”

It comes after the former EastEnders star admitted she was engaged to her 28-year-old boyfriend David, who is currently serving time in prison for counterfeit goods and engaging in a “”Fight with someone.”

Among rumors that she was having a split with him, she showed off a glimpse her engagement ring.

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