Danny DeVito Allegedly Struggling to Win Back Rhea Perryman after 2017 Split, Anonymous Source Claims


Is it? Danny DeVito Fight for your victoryRhea Perlman? According to one tabloid, DeVito wants to rekindle their love. Here’s the latest gossip about their on-again-off-again marriage.

Danny DeVito Makes ‘Bid To Win Back Wife’?

This week A New Idea According to reports Danny DeVito holds on to a candle for Rhea perlman, even though the couple split in 2017. The couple called it quits after 35 years of marriage, but even though they’ve gone their separate ways, they both say that they have no intention of getting a legal divorce. Sources say that DeVito wants things to work out.

“Danny’s talking very seriously about making one last push to make things work with Rhea,”An insider’s recipe. And it isn’t a longshot since Perlman has admitted to still loving DeVito. “Sometimes I wish we were still together,”The Cheers Actress confessed. The actress admitted that they had split in 2012, and were reunited five months later.

‘One Last Push’To get Rhea Perryman back

While absolutely anything is possible, we just aren’t buying this tabloid’s tale. First of all, we seriously doubt any of Danny DeVito’s friends are dishing this kind of personal information to any tabloids. DeVito is also a spokesman for the company. didn’t seem too upset with his and Rhea Perlman’s arrangementIn an interview last year. “We’re friends,” DeVito told People. “We’re happy. Everybody’s happy.”

And speaking of interviews, the outlet took Perlman’s quote about missing DeVito completely out of context. Here’s the full quote: “Sometimes I wish we were still together because those were the glory days, but these are other kinds of glory days.”In This interview was also conducted.Perlman claimed that DeVito’s separation was her decision. “probably worked out for the best.”Both DeVitos and Perlman seem content with their lives. They clearly still love one another, but there is no reason for us to believe they are trying to reverse the clock.

The Tabloids: Danny DeVito, Rhea Perryman

A New Idea isn’t the first tabloid to try and fan the coals of DeVito and Perlman’s relationship. The Zeitung schrieb last year Globe Perlman claimed that he was having a facelift in an effort to improve his appearance. “spice up” her and DeVito’s marriage. Just last week, the National Enquirer also claimedPerlman would take DeVito’s back only if Perlman quit drinking. Clearly, none of these tabloids has any insight into DeVito and Perlman’s marriage.