Danny’s Volcano blows in the latest encounter with music legend


Last week’s episode featured Lyle Lovett, a country music star. Blue BloodsDonnie Wahlberg and Jimmy Buffett shared the screen. “On The Arm.”The “Margaritaville”Singer played two parts in the episode. Danny’s volcano was the other. Det. Danny Reagan is his skin.

Danny and Det. met at the beginning. Maria Baez (Marisa RAMirez) was out to celebrate her birthday at a fancy restaurant. Danny saw a man at the bar who looked exactly like Buffett. Danny got up the courage and spoke to him, telling him how much Buffett was his favorite music and that he would pay the waiter for Buffett’s dinner and drinks. (Danny reveals that Joe, his brother, made him a Parrothead.

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Baez burst Danny’s bubble at the precinct the day after. He was in Texas performing, so it turned out that he couldn’t have met Buffett. It was an imposter! Danny was upset and embarrassed. He’s a great detective, and couldn’t tell the differences between Buffett the real and impersonators. Danny confronted Dickie Delaney, who was later revealed to be Danny. Surprisingly Delaney knew every way to get around identity theft charges and fraud, so Danny was unable to arrest him.

Later, on a precinct “Jimmy Buffett”Danny was convinced that it was Delaney when he returned to his house to speak with him. It was, however, the real Jimmy Buffett (also portrayed by the real Jimmy Buffett). He discovered that Buffett knew Delaney, and asked Danny if they could meet. After meeting at a surf shop, Buffett instructed Delaney to repay him as much money as he could. Delaney was also told by Buffett to stop posing as him for at most one year. Danny was confused. Buffett replied that he’d let Delaney continue to impersonate him since the 1980s. The con man had a hard life.

“For all that I’ve been given, if I can’t show a little mercy, who would I be?” Buffett asked Danny. “You’re a good man, Jimmy Buffett,” Danny replied.

While Danny’s tale with Buffett was great fun, the stories of the other three were much more entertaining. “On The Arm”Where more serious. Jamie (Will Estes), who ran into trouble with his precinct after he established an old rule of saluting the front desk whenever an officer enters the building, was a man named Jamie. This actually stopped a man from posing as a cop officer by teaching him how to salute properly. Erin (Bridget Moynahan’s) story was about her finding the blogger of a blog critical of her. The author turned out be a recent intern who happened to also be a cousin of Mayor Reagan, who continues to try to discredit Reagans. Garrett (Gregory Jbara), who convinced Erin to continue working in the office, said that they would feed her fake information.

Frank (Tom Selleck), and Capt. Terrell (Regina Taylor), was using her badge to receive free food, sundries, and shelter. Terrell donated everything to veteran’s groups, making the case more complicated. Frank finally decided to let her serve, but she had to pay at most discount prices. The Reagans made fun of their first concert during the family dinner. Frank stated that Mary and he didn’t go on concert dates because they were too busy. “preferred to make their own music,”This shocked everyone. Blue BloodsAirs Fridays at 10:10 p.m. on CBS ET.

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