Darcy Grey of Emmerdale had intended to quit acting before landing the role as Pierce’s child Marcus



Following Rhona’s death, Darcy Grey became Rhona’s son and joined Emmerdale in the role of Pierce Harris’ rapist-turned killer.

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Marcus Emmerdale teases dark secrets

Darcy Grey, Emmerdale actor, has admitted that he had planned to stop acting before landing the role of Marcus Dean.

After having come into contact with Rhona following the death of his father, the 31 year-old joined ITV’s ITV soap earlier in this year as Pierce Harris’ son.

Marcus began to fall for Ethan Anderson and his fans immediately became suspicious.

Recently, he settled down in the village. However, it appears that he does have a dark side.

Darcy, speaking to Mirror last night on the British Soap Awards red-carpet, said that he was “so grateful”Emmerdale.

“It’s a strange thing to say,”He said. “This time last year it was a completely different story. I was almost thinking about quitting acting – I was in my head so much about it. And then Emmerdale came along and it’s really changed everything.

“I still remember the guys saying to me, ‘Be cautious. We don’t know how our audience will react.’ This is because of the history between my father and myself. Let’s just say everybody’s been so positive and nice. Although everyone expected Marcus to be a little more evil than they anticipated, time will reveal how it turns out.

When asked how Marcus’ relationship will develop with Ethan, he replied: “It has been amazing so far. I would say that it’s a very fast-paced partnership, we have dedicated our love to one another very quickly.

“I’ve been in many relationships like that, I think many people can relate to that fast, buzzy nature of the relationship and I think we all know the outcome of those kind of stories as well. But again, only time will tell. The lips are verbally sealed each and every time!

Is he interested in exploring more of Marcus’ dark side? “Being dark as an actor can be exciting. It comes from the gut.

“And at the moment we’re seeing him relax into the village and explore that nicer side of him. But yeah, look, darkness is always exciting…. let’s wait to see how bad Marcus is…”

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