Darts star says he’s f-bombing TV, claiming he’s “f***ing nervous”


Live on TV, a nervous darts player has dropped the F bomb.

‘Killer Bee’ John Desreumaux delivered the taboo word when being interviewed live on television. Ahead of the 2022 WDF World Darts Championship, the Belgian was asked by the presenter how he was feeling.

He replied with a grin slapped across his face: “Terrible…f****** nervous.” The reporter clarified: “You said really nervous, yeah?” And the player agreed with a smile: “Yeah.”

Desreumaux was preparing to face Australia’Donovan Lottering, with the two competing for a spot to face sixth seed James Hurrell in day two of Sunday’s competition.

Martin Adams, the three-time World Champion, was sent packing with Paul Hogan and Haupai puha. While Canada’s David Cameron and England’s Ian Jones prepared to face off on the day, as well as Ryan de Vreede, who was pitting against qualifier Francesco Raschini.

It is a day after Joe Cullen admitted that he hadn’t spoken to Gary Anderson since the Scottish darts player accused him of cheating.

This is the biggest darts error you’ve ever seen. Let’s see. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Gary Anderson accused Joe Cullen, of cheating in their Rotterdam spat

Cullen, speaking to Sky Sports, explained: “No. I’ve not seen him. I’ll leave it up to Gary. If he wants to speak to me I’ll be happy to speak to him.

“It’s one of those things, especially for the Premier League boys. There are eight players and we see each other every week. Some of these boys are more important to me than my own children.

“It’s a pretty isolated environment if you’re going to hold grudges, and there’ll be no grudges held on my part if Gary wants to clear the air. If he doesn’t, that’s no problem.”

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