Daryl Hannah Allegedly on the Brink of Divorcing Neil Young Weeks Following Pregnancy Rumors about The 61-Year Old Actress, Insider Claims


Are you Daryl HannahAnd Neil YoungAre you headed for divorce? One tabloid claims the couple’s move to Canada has put a tremendous strain on their marriage. Let’s check in on the Blade RunnerBeauty and her husband, a folk singer.

Daryl Hannah And Neil Young ‘On The Rocks’?

The most recent edition of National Enquirer reports Daryl Hannah and Neil Young’s marriage is on thin ice. Hannah apparently has had enough of living in rural Canada and is ready to move on. “reclusive” husband, and she’s getting sick of waiting for Young to make a change. “Neil is turning into a grumpy old man,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “He’s fighting with everybody and Daryl is sick of it. She loves him and wants to make it work, but it’s beyond freezing in Canada, where they bounce between his isolated cabin and other properties.”

This story follows another rumor regarding the couple. It was not long ago. Madhouse MagazineAn article published claiming Hannah Young and her husband were pregnant. Sources claim Young claimed to have told them. “I understand we are up there in age but don’t let these old grey temples fool ya now. Just because there’s snow on the roof don’t mean there’s no fire in the basement!”

The excitement at their unplanned pregnancy must have died down, as tipsters inform the Get in touch Hannah is growing impatient about her husband. “She’s bored to death and doesn’t want to stay hidden anymore,”Insiders spill the beans. However, sources claim that the couple is working hard to make things work. “So far Daryl is still doing her best to be the ever-supportive wife, but it’s pushing her to her limits,”The snitch whispers. “She’s sweet and doesn’t want to make waves, but her friends wonder how long this can go on.”

How’s Life With ‘Hermit Hubby’ Neil Young?

We can say with absolute certainty that there isn’t any truth to this wave of surprising gossip. For clarity’s sake, Hannah was never pregnant. Young’s quotes were totally satirical in the story about their alleged pregnancy. Although the rumor was spread out of context via social media, it was not meant to be taken seriously. We looked into the rumor in greater detail.

But we also don’t believe that Daryl Hannah and Neil Young are on the rocks. They seem closer than ever since they were married in 2018. And they aren’t trapped in Canada as the outlet claims. Young’s new album was recorded last summer at their Colorado ranch. Barn. And while in the Rockies, Hannah was inspired to film a documentary about her husband’s new album.

Besides, one glance at Hannah’s Instagram page shows just how passionate she is about her off-the-grid lifestyle with Young. Hannah recently shared a snap of her and Young’s alpacas, Peaches and Dream.

Hannah isn’t bored and sitting idle as the outlet claims. Hannah finds it easy to make art alone, which gives her the freedom to explore all sorts of media. Most recently, she’s been documenting the making of a beautiful copper horse sculpture.

It’s obvious that the tabloid not only has no unique insights into Hannah and Young’s life together, but it also didn’t bother to do much research on the couple.

More Divorce Stories from The Tabloid

This is not the first instance of this. National Enquirer A cried “divorce”Famous couple. According to the magazine, Bill and Hillary Clinton were on their way to a $250 million divorce. The magazine then reported that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were headed for a $175million divorce. The magazine also reported that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady were close to a $650million divorce. The Evidently, the Get in touch doesn’t have the inside scoop on celebrity couples that it pretends to.

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