David Beckham causes a fan meltdown when he posts a photo of a wedding outfit


David Beckham is getting ready to attend his son Brooklyn’s marriage to actress Nicola Peltz. He has chosen the outfit he will wear and shared it with his Instagram followers

David Beckham was the subject of a furious fan reaction when Beckham shared a photo showing him looking dapper in a wedding suit.

Brooklyn, his son and budding chef, is getting ready to marry actress Nicola Peltz (27), after he proposed after only a few months of being together.

David, an ex-footballer, is now in full swing with wedding preparations. He shared a picture of himself on Instagram along Ted and Anthony.

The 46-year-old writer wrote: “Creating special memories… wedding plans underway & the dads are all suited and booted,”Then follow it with a flame emoticon.

The father-of-four wore black pants and trousers and a pale-blue shirt. Ted and Anthony wore tuxedos.

Brooklyn and Nicola, stars in Bates Motel, prepared a Valentine’s Day dinner in a Vogue video and talked about their upcoming nuptials.

They shared their sweet cooking experience and revealed that Brooklyn was the one who had made an unusual request for their wedding planning.

“That’s the only thing you said in our wedding meetings. ‘Don’t do square plates!’”The 27-year old actress laughed.

Brooklyn and Nicola cooked up a heart-shaped pizza – made with vegan cheese – and a dairy-free chocolate lava cake for their romantic feast, and said they’ve even managed to decide on their “signature drink”for their wedding reception.

According to the couple, they are considering espresso martinis or lychee martinis as Brooklyn’s best option. “loves elderflower”.

“The more wedding meetings we have, the more real it feels,”He shared his excitement with them.

As the Bates Motel actress, he will be wearing a yarmulke to the ceremony. They will also embrace Jewish tradition the night before.

“The Friday night [before the wedding], Brooklyn’s gonna stay with my dad and my brothers and then his dad and his brothers,”She explained.

“[They’re] gonna have like boys slumber party, and then I’m gonna stay with the girls. So from the Friday night dinner, we’re not going to see each other until we get married in the afternoon,” Nicola added.

But they’re “panicking” about spending one night apart, and Brooklyn is worried he’ll be a crying mess on the day of the wedding.

“I’m definitely going to cry. I’m not going to say the song she’s walking down [the aisle to], but when I hear the song, every time, I start to like [tear up],”He shared.

He’s previously opened up on his proposal, and told James Corden in an interview earlier this year that he filled a gazebo with Nicola’s favourite flowers – peonies – and was worried when she sobbed for several minutes.

“I was like, ‘Oh no!’ Then she didn’t answer me for another five minutes. She kept crying. It was a little bit nerve-wracking,”He agreed.