Dean McDermott posts about Tori Spelling on International Woman’s Day


Tori Spelling Dean McDermottAre on constant divorce watch. As rumors swirl about a split, McDermott has penned a tribute to his wife in honor of International Woman’s Day. Here’s what’s going on.

Unhappy Union?

McDermott & Spelling were married when they met. This didn’t stop them from cheating on their respective spouses immediately. They divorced in 2006 and Spelling and McDermott were soon married. They would proceed to have five children together, and Spelling became the stepmother to McDermott’s son Jack.

This scandal rocked the marriage. Reports about McDermott and Spelling’s cheating were leaked in 2013. New stories were published about financial ruin after Spelling was able to get her marriage back on track. Spelling owed American Express thousands of dollars. Candy, her mother of wealth, had to step in and assist the family.

From Bad to Worse

Since 2018, Spelling and McDermott’s relationship has resembled a sine curve, bobbing up and down. In 2018, multiple police calls were made regarding mental breakdowns. In 2019, everything looked fine, but COVID-19 decimated the world. Reports indicated that the couple was stuck in a rut by June 2021. Divorce seemed to be on the table, but the couple’s finances may not have been in good enough shape to fund a split.

Spelling revealed that McDermott had stopped sleeping with Spelling, but neither was interested in pursuing a divorce. In January,  a source told ET “things aren’t great between them, but they are still attempting to work things out for the sake of their kids.”

Honoring Out Of Nowhere

March 9 is International Women’s Day, and McDermott used the occasion to honor his wife. McDermott celebrated Spelling via Instagram and named her one of the “incredibly smart, creative, strong, fierce and funny Women”In his life.

He stressed the importance of #luckyguy by using the hashtag #luckyguy “I’m so blessed to have you in my life.” For what it’s worth, Spelling is very active on Instagram but hasn’t posted anything with McDermott in a very long time. She also deleted the word “wife”From her bio. McDermott’s bio does tag Spelling with the words “married to the love of my life.”

The Jury is Out

Comments under McDermott’s post express confusion. One commenter wrote “hope you and Tori are back together,”While another one went for the jugular “If you love her so much then why do you cheat on her?” Instagram comments aren’t exactly the best place to go for civility and nuance.

McDermott and Spelling have been reconciled? Who the heck knows, but McDermott’s post can only be a good thing for the marriage.

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