Dean McDermott’s Trailer of ‘@Home With Tori’ is Missing. What Does That Mean?


Fans of actresses Tori Spelling Many have speculated for years about whether or not she would marry her husband of more than 15 years. Dean McDermottThey are on the verge of divorcing. The pair has kept audiences guessing with a slew of hints at one outcome or the other, and a recent trailer for Spelling’s new reality show, @Home with ToriCould provide more information about their relationship status.

Will They Or Won’t They (Get Divorced)

Spelling and McDermott’s marriage has been an easy target for outlets and fans of the celebrity rumor mill ever since 2013 when McDermott admitted to being unfaithful. For almost a decade since then, speculation has been rampant about the state of the pair’s marriage, with some even suggesting financial trouble as the reason the couple has yet to divorce.

It was obvious that divorcing was imminent by October 2021. Page Six shared photos of Spelling standing outside a divorce lawyer’s office, appearing to yell into her phone. The words are clearly visible in the photos. “assets–support–custody” can be seen written on a notepad in Spelling’s hand. After this incident, it was assumed that Spelling’s marriage would soon end.

However, McDermott would surprise the masses when, in March of 2022, he included Spelling in a touching Instagram post on International Women’s Day that also featured his daughters. Many who had written the divorce off as a given began to question their positions and once again wonder about the true status of McDermott and Spelling’s storied marriage.

@Home With Tori Trailer Missing Dean

On April 4, 2022, streaming service VIZIO released a trailer on their YouTube Channel for Spelling’s brand new reality show, @Home with ToriThe trailer for, which will be streamable in May this year. While the trailer was full of fun with Spelling and friends, there was one aspect of the trailer that we couldn’t help but notice: McDermott is absent.

Spelling is also without her wedding ring in the footage, which could be a telling sign as to whether or not her marriage is in good shape, though it’s never good to guess based on this. While McDermott’s absence from the trailer could be a giveaway that the pair could be breaking up, these rumors have been around for years and they are still together. This will be addressed on the show.

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