Deborah Roberts and Al Roker Share Heartfelt Anniversary Posts. They are both serious relationship goals.


Al Roker and Deborah Roberts just celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. The couple began their romance at NBC headquarters in the mid-’90s and have since had three children and reached new heights in their careers. Roberts and Roker both went above and beyond social media in recognition of their milestone.

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts met on NBC

Roberts and Roker first met when they were working together as reporters at NBC. Roker recounts that Roberts was working as a reporter at NBC when he first met Roker. “friend-zoned”Roberts in the early days. “I thought she was beautiful, and she thought that I was taking up space,”Roker made fun of the Rachael Raymond ShowEarlier in the year. But, it is not when Roberts asked Roker for a house-sit.While she was reporting on the Olympics from abroad, everything changed.

Roker made a grand gesture of love. Roberts, a busy on-the-go journalist, hadn’t yet found the time to fill her New York City apartment with any groceries or cookware. Roker decided to take over her kitchen while Roberts was gone.

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“I stocked her fridge, I stocked the pantry, and I left flowers on the table that said ‘Welcome home.’ And then I got a date the next week!”Roker recalls. Fast forward nearly three decades and Roker has built a wonderful life with Roberts.

‘Here’s To So Many More’

It’s clear that Roberts and Roker are just as enamored with each other as they were all those years ago. To commemorate their 27th anniversary Roberts shared a touching tributeTo her husband. “Now and again you take a deep breath…let it out…and take stock. If you’re fortunate, you’re staring at a life partner who made it all so worthwhile and more,”Roberts contributed to the caption. “Thanks for the ups and downs, the giggles and the sighs @alroker Here’s to so many more. Happy anniversary.”

Roker was a little more modest, but still very sentimental. Roker posted a videomontage of some of their most memorable photos to mark the occasion. “Happy Anniversary”From The Flintstones. Roberts responded to her husband’s post with a series of heart emojis.

Roberts and Roker have a wonderful relationship. They constantly uplift each other and find joy in each other’s company. It’s clear they’ve unlocked the secret to a long and happy marriage, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic for them on their special day.

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