Deep freeze to hit the UK: Cold start to April begins with arctic chill


The Met Office predicts freezing conditions Sunday morning, before temperatures rise at week’s beginning.

Brits are encouraged to be cautious on the ice, and to exercise caution when driving and walking.

High pressure is moving in the west and bringing more rain and warmer weather. However, there are also chances of snow when the cold air from north mixes with it.

Maps available from WXCharts There will be widespread snow across the country on Friday and Saturday next week, with as much as 25 cms of snow falling in Wales and Scotland.

The misery will continue after the weekend with torrential rain and gales.

Britain is only days away from an Arctic nightmare with more snow and -11C temperatures. “descending polar front”.

The country will soon be plunged into ice cold temperatures

Monday will be cloudy and unsettling with heavy rain falling southwards and thick clouds.

Jim Dale, British Weather Services’ meteorologist, said that while it will be slightly warmer this weekend, the cold will return later in the week.

He stated: “We will lose the very cold influence on Sunday and Monday, and Tuesday will feel milder compared to the end of last week.

“But, when the cold front arrives on Wednesday or Thursday, we will go back to very cold weather.”

The week ahead will see freezing temperatures

Tuesday will remain cloudy with thick clouds, and there will likely be rain showers. This will affect a large portion of northern Britain, as well as the local area.

Aidan McGivern, Met Office meteorologist, said: “The most likely pattern for the middle of next week is for the influence of this high pressure to wane and allow the jet stream to become flatter and start to bring more unsettled and more changeable conditions.”

Wet areas may be subject to heavy rains.

According to the Met Office, it will be cold in the North with wintry showers by the weekend and the end of next week.

Weather systems from the southwest are likely to bring in more rain and stronger winds further south.

Snow may occasionally occur at the northern edges of the rainbands, especially in the central and northern parts of the country.

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