Del Taco may be the new rival to McDonald’s Shamrock Shake


McDonald’s Shamrock Shake will soon return to your favorite restaurant if you are a fan. Del Taco is the new competitor in certain locations this year.

St. Patrick’s Day 2022 will be celebrated with many options in fast-food. Soon to be launched Del Taco’s Mini Mint Shake and the Mini Mint M&M’s ShakeThey will give your taste buds an explosion of minty goodness. According to ChewBoomPrices will vary depending upon where you are visiting Del Taco. You can get both regular and large sizes.

(Photo by Del Taco

The M&M’s variation should remind fans a bit of McDonald’s Shamrock McFlurry with Oreo cookies mixed in. It will it be as well-received as the McDonald’s version? It’s unlikely, but it’s due to Del Taco’s geographical limitations in comparison with McDonald’s. The golden arches are everywhere.

Recently, the Shamrock Shake celebrated 50 years of continuous circulation. Rogers Merchandising, Chicago’s largest retailer of alcoholic beverages, developed the Shamrock Shake in 1970. They dye the rivers green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In those early days, the drink wasn’t perfect.

It took some time to develop the flavor. The lemon-lime flavor was mixed with vanilla syrup, sherbet, and ice cream. This was quickly corrected and St. Patrick’s Day took a backseat. Uncle O’Grimacey, a green version the famous Grimace, was even a mascot for the drink. The character was short-lived and likely was fed to the original Grimace, who had six arms, for its failure.

Although the date of the Shamrock Shake’s return to McDonald’s menus is not set in stone, it will be back in February. It will only be around for a few days this year, most likely until the middle of March. It did receive a limited engagement in 2019, however, during the Philadelphia Eagles season opener in Sept of that year. The return was limited to the Philadelphia area.

It is worth visiting Del Taco to taste the delicious concoctions. You might be more successful finding a Leprechaun to feast on their magic minty insides. Perhaps it’s too early to have nightmares. We will see how long it takes for the Shamrock to return to Mickey D’s.