Delphi Murders – Arrest Reportedly Made in Conjunction to Killings of Abby Williams & Libby German


A report states that Abby Williams and Libby German were murdered in 2017 as a result of which an arrest was made.  

Sources told us that the person being held in custody appeared in court Friday morning. WRTV-TVAccording to, the identity of the arrestedee is not yet confirmed by.  

According to WRTV, the Indiana State Police will provide an update on Monday.

Could this be the break that the families have been waiting for in the murder of their young teens? “Today is the day,” a relative of one of the girls Tweeted. 

Abby Williams, 13 years old, and Libby German, 14, were both found dead near a former railway line outside Delphi. 

Libby captured a chilling photo of the killer approaching girls on a hiking trail. Police also believe she recorded the killer’s voice. “down the hill, down the hill.” 

The police first created a sketch of the suspect and then updated it two more years later.


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