Delphi Murders Suspect ‘Not Just Actor Involved’ by Abby Williams and Libby German in Killings, Prosecutor says


The suspect in the murder of two teenagers in Delphi, Indiana appeared in court Tuesday. He was clad in a bulletproof vest and was confined to a chair.

“We believe Richard Allen is not the only actor involved in this,”According to the prosecutor, the killings were committed by Libby German (and Abby Williams).

This news was announced at Tuesday’s bail hearing. Prosecutors said that information regarding the case should be kept secret because it is still under investigation.

Allen was a CVS employee and is being accused of killing his best friends Abby Williams (13 years old) and Libby German (14 years old). The murders took place on a country road outside Delphi.

He pleaded guilty to two counts for murder.

His lawyer advised him not to rush to make a decision.

“Our client is the wrong guy,” said Andrew Baldwin, Allen’s defense attorney, WTHR TV. He also indicated that the sealed probable causes affidavit was valid. “flimsy.”

“You expect more than what I saw,”He said.

Allen wrote a letter handwritten to the judge stating that his wife was being “forced to immediately abandon employment… for her personal safety. she has had to abandon our house for her own safety.”


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