Delta CEO: Flying is going to cost more due to climate change


The CEO of Delta Airlines said fighting climate change is going to lead to an increase in the cost to fly.

Delta, the world’s second largest airline, pledged to spend $1 billion over the next decade to cancel out all the emissions it creates, BBC reported.

“Over time, it’s going to cost us all more, but it’s the right approach that we must take,” Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian told BBC.

Delta spent $30 million annually on carbon-offsetting. The company claims that they are now carbon neutral. Travel Weekly reported.

According to the International Energy Agency (IAEA), nearly 2.5% carbon emissions come from flying.

Bastian told BBC that the goal to reduce airline emissions cannot rest on Delta’s shoulders alone and will need all airlines to start doing the same.

“It’s the biggest long-term challenge this industry faces,”He said. “We’re in an industry that’s classified as hard to decarbonise because we don’t have the bio-fuels or the sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) en masse yet that we’re going to need.”

BBC reports that Delta plans to use 10% sustainable aviation fuel before the end of 2030.

BBC reports that other technologies are in development, including the conversion of food waste into jet fuel or the extraction of carbon dioxide from the air.

The comments of Delta’s CEO come after world leaders met in Glasgow, Scotland for more than a week to discuss climate change.