Demi Lovato Allegedly Triggering Health Fears After New Paparazzi Photos Of Singer Emerge


Is Demi Lovato‘s health in jeopardy? One tabloid claims the singer’s stress-eating had gotten out of hand. Here’s the latest gossip about Lovato.

Demi Lovato ‘Turns To Food’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports fans should be worried about Demi Lovato’s health. The “Heart Attack” singer may have overcome their battle with drug addiction, but sources say they’ve replaced drugs with food. “Demi has put on more than 60 pounds since overdosing, and people are really concerned,” an insider dishes.

The tabloid consults a physician who hasn’t treated Lovato to assess their staggering transition. “This kind of weight gain has made Demi a prime candidate for several life-threatening illnesses,” the doctor explains. “The normal weight for someone this height is just 115 pounds.” And their weight gain has left them vulnerable to COVID-19 complications. “The number-one factor that unites people who die from COVID is obesity — and Demi certainly is suffering from that,” the expert notes.

And since Lovato has already suffered from a barrage of health problems due to their history of drug and alcohol abuse, the health risks are only compounded. An addiction expert who hasn’t worked with Lovato warns that they needs to address their mental health if they’re ever going to physically recover. “Demi needs to work on what’s broken inside and learn to regulate discomfort in healthy ways,” the expert advises.

Is Demi Lovato Okay?

This report is ridiculously offensive, and the tabloid does little to hide that. First of all, there’s the title: “Demi’s Big Fat Problem!” No one genuinely concerned for Demi Lovato’s health would insult them so freely. The outlet calls them obese, wildly speculates about their weight, and insultingly morbidly warns that they could die from COVID. The outlet also displays little sensitivity on the topic of Lovato’s past struggles with addiction, drawing its own unwarranted connection between their weight and their past use of drugs.

The truth is, plenty of people gain a bit of weight while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. It’s absolutely ridiculous to equate the dangers of gaining weight to that of using heroin. Since none of these health “experts” has ever met, communicated with, or treated Lovato, their comments should be totally disregarded.

By most accounts, Lovato has been doing a lot better. They recently announced that they are fully sober for the first time in years, made the brave decision to come out as nonbinary, and have even been teasing new music.

Most people think they’re going to take a turn from pop into a more rock-style genre — something a lot of younger artists are starting to do. Since it’s clear they’re taking care of themself in meaningful ways and are focused on their future, their weight is no one’s business.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Health

This is far from the first time the National Enquirer has overstepped on matters of a celebrity’s health. Last year, the outlet claimed Vin Diesel was sparking fears with his “lard body” and “exploding waistline.” Then the magazine reported Elton John wasn’t healthy enough to tour anymore. The publication also alleged Ryan Seacrest was risking his health with an extreme new diet. And more recently, the tabloid proclaimed Celine Dion was “wasting away” after cancelling her tour. Obviously, the Enquirer has no real medical expertise and can’t be trusted on matters of health.

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