Demo shows how an Ebike Battery can burst into flames when it’s overcharged


Experts are warning about the fire dangers that electric scooters and bicycles can pose. Some e-batteries can explode and turn them into fireballs. 

Daniel and Linda Jones, from Pittsburg in California, lost everything when their electric scooter burst into flames.

“It was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through,” Daniel said.

According to the distraught homeowner, the fire quickly spread to their entire garage and front yard. Their home was totally destroyed.

According to the New York City Fire Department (NYFD), e-battery-related fires have increased by 233% in two years. This has resulted in 163 injuries and 10 fatalities, including Erica Williams, 5, who was killed when her Harlem apartment burned down.

Brad Davis, an electrical engineer, says that many fires can be caused by faulty or overcharging batteries. To show, he and his colleagues took a fully-charged, in good condition battery, then deliberately overcharging it in a fake room at the New Haven Fire Training Academy in Connecticut.

The battery began to smoke again and burst into flames 52 minutes later.

Inside Edition’s cameraman was not able to avoid the fire, even though he was under close supervision. Within minutes, the entire room had been engulfed.

Davis says the fast-spreading fire is typical of what he’d expect to happen in a real-life scenario.

Safety experts advise that you follow all instructions from the manufacturer regarding charging and storage of your e-bike/scooter battery. 

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