Despite constant drama, the ‘Sister Wives Star’ is reported to have refused to leave Kody brown.


Sister Wives star Janelle Brown will reportedly never leave Kody Bown, despite the ongoing drama within the family. Janelle Brown is still close with Christine Brown, who split from Kody in November 2021. Janelle (53), and Kody (53) have been in a relationship for over a decade. “spiritual union”Since January 1993, six children have been shared.

“Janelle, I do not believe will ever leave Kody,”Insider’s account InTouch Weekly Sunday “Janelle is perfectly content with the relationship they’ve always had and it’s never changed, and it’s always been the way it is and he respects her… She and Kody are best friends.”Janelle is a liar according to the insider “secure with herself.”

It is not surprising that Janelle insists on Kody’s side, given her close relationship to Christine, 50. They have even vacationed with their children together since Christine announced her separation from Kody. Christine might give it a shot “to pull people away,”But “nobody”According to the source, Janelle can be convinced to leave Kody.

“Janelle and Christine have a close relationship because they’re friends and grew up raising kids together essentially,”According to an insider. “[But] Christine can’t convince anyone of anything, especially Janelle… Janelle’s not that type of person. However, Christine does want Kody to burn.”Insiders also believe Meri Brown (a sister wife who has had problems with Kody) will not publicly announce a divorce from Kody unless they find a solution. “new man.”

Christine and Kody split almost a full year ago. However, Sister Wives Season 17 is showing the split. “I just can’t imagine after 30 years, like, how this looks,”Janelle spoke to Christine in the Oct. 2, episode. “You’ve just been so much, like, the fabric of everything.”Christine was also told by her. “front and center in all [her] memories.”

Christine stated that she would be happy to host a podcast in the next month’s episode. “always love”Robyn Brown, because her daughter Mykelti is close to her. “Robyn and Mykelti have a very, very special bond,”Christine said. “When Robyn came into the family she immediately just embraced Mykelti, and I’ll always, always love and respect Robyn for her relationship with Mykelti.”

Kody is in a legal relationship with Robyn and has two children. Kody was previously married to Meri in 1990. They divorced so that Kody could legally adopt Robyn’s three children from an earlier marriage. Kody has one child with Meri, and six with Christine. 

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