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Social media platforms are now releasing their end-of-2018 statistics as December approaches and 2021 draws to a close. It’s time to release the end-of-the year statistics from Spotify’s Wrapped celebrations to TikTok’s recap of the year.

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But, YouTube lovers everywhere want to know which of the U.S.’ top 10 creators for 2021. We want to know if your favorite videos made it onto the list. Let’s have a look.

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10. The Royalty Family (15.5M Subscribers)

With 15.5 million subscribers, the Los Angeles–based blended family did pretty well for themselves this year. It appears that binging was a popular pastime for viewers. The Royalty FamilyYou will enjoy the entertaining content, particularly Ferran’s 11th Birthday Party Surprise.

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9. Technoblade (9.4M customers)

In the last year, a 22-year old gamer has been winning. TechnobladeHis following grew to an impressive 9.4million subscribers. The popularity of “Minecraft”streaming, the YouTuber also averaged 12.1 views per clip.

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8. Kallmekris (4.24M customers)

Kallmekris rose to fame as a social media influence on TikTok but swiftly transitioned to another platform as well — YouTube. Kris was a remarkable leader with over 4.24million subscribers and just one year of experience.

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7. Mark Rober (20.4M subscribers)

According to Mark RoberHis YouTube bio states that he is an engineer from NASA and Apple, and now works as both a YouTuber but also as a friend and scientist. His amazing content is clearly popular with 20.4 million subscribers and more than 2.5 billion views.

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6. TommyInnit (11.2M customers)

Technoblade was also named among the top 10 creators in 2021. TommyInnitThe sixth place was taken by Tommy. We should keep an eye on Tommy next year, with his 11.2 million subscribers and many engaged fans.

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5. Dream (27.2M subscribers).

Source: YouTube

If you play Minecraft You can watch YouTube videos and you will know the gamer. Dream. YouTube sensation had only nine videos uploaded this year and managed to reach an average of 34,000,000 viewers.

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4. CoryxKenshin (11.7M customers)

Yet again, gamers dominate the top 10 creators list for the year. CoryxKenshinHe streams many videos of himself playing frightening video games and people want to share that experience with him. His 11.7 million subscribers and 5 billion views are no surprise.

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3. SSSniperWolf (30.3M members)

Last year, SSSniperWolfShe landed at #4 on the list of top 10 creators for 2020. This year, she moved up to the top three and has 30.3 million subscribers— good for her!

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2. Dhar Mann (13.6M subscribers)

According to his YouTube profile, Dhar MannIt is “a mission-driven entrepreneur and filmmaker focused on ideas that have a massive positive impact on the world.”Since 2018, he and his staff have tried to connect with global audiences. We believe that he has done so, considering that he has a following of 13.4 millions and an active community.

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1. MrBeast (75.7 subscribers).

Are we really surprised? Yet again MrBeastThe top YouTube creator of 2018 As of December, the influencer had raised $20 million for 20 million trees, donated over 100 cars and amassed an astounding 82.2 million subscribers with 13.6 billion views.

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