Did Tony Soprano Die? David Chase finally Reveals what Really Happened


This is not exaggerated when we say this is major news. This is the end of years of deliberation, broken friendships and a split with partners who were not in our camp. SopranosDavid Chase, the creator of the series, tells the world that Tony Soprano did indeed live at the end. The prequel to this series. The Many Saints of NewarkHowever, it did not satisfy our curiosity about what happened to the screen after it went black in the final second of The SopranosSeries finale. So, did Tony Soprano die?

Did Tony Soprano die?

The book The Sopranos Sessions by Matt Zoller Seitz Alan Sepinwall and Matt Smith, two TV writers who covered the show as it ran, discuss the controversial topic of Tony Soprano’s passing in the show’s final. Matt believes Tony lived, while Alan claims Tony has died. Alan believes that the last episode contains foreshadowing of Tony’s death. This includes his coffin-like sleeping while hiding in the safehouse and flashing back to a conversation about death he had with Bobby (Steve Schirripa).

Bobby 'The Sopranos'


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Matt wants to know why Tony is still alive. He says that there is nothing in that scene that screams. “Somebody just killed him and that’s what the cut to black is about.”Matt actually points out that Matt is wrong. The only truth we can learn from the last scene of the series’ finale is that it is ambiguous. David Chase, the show’s creator, deliberately left it open to remind us that nothing is certain and that we are foolish to believe otherwise. Let’s now ask David Chase.

Interview with the authors in 2007. The Sopranos SessionsDavid remarked that the last scene was a suicide scene and let it slip to him. “Well, I had that death scene in mind for years before,”While Tony’s fate has not been confirmed, it is still possible to confirm his thoughts. Scott Feinberg asked David about the moment he first considered ending the series. David responded that he was driving by a small restaurant and had this thought. “Tony should get it in a place like that.”This thought was his two-year-old self before the end of the series.

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David Chase

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David was slightly shocked by the fans’ reactions to the series finale. While he acknowledged that he was angry at their desire for a character who was a criminal, he also shared seven years of friendship with him. David was forced to confirm Tony’s death because people wanted it confirmed. “You want justice done? You’re a criminal after watching this s–t for seven years.”

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Why did David Chase re-visit ‘The Sopranos’ universe in The Many Saints of Newark’

David Chase also wrote The SopranosFollow up The Many Saints of NewarkIt was released 14 years later.The SopranosIt was over. Evidently, David was having difficulty writing scripts in the same way that he wrote episodic television. His friend convinced him to try a. “Sopranos movie,”He didn’t like the scenes during filming. David was only able to accept the post-COVID-19 scenes.

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After David had lunch in 2018, James Gandolfini met his son Michael Gandolfini and cast him as a young Tony Soprano. David met Michael in New York while he was on his way to Los Angeles for school. David was shocked that he wasn’t like his father. Michael is much gentler. David was impressed by his small movie role.

'The Many Saints of Newark'

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David would do something else, it turns out SopranosMovie, if only because it feels like he still has an idea in him. The Awards ChatterScott Feinberg, the host of the show, brought up the fact many actors are no longer on the show. David replied, however, that the work is still there. “It’s a comfort knowing that the work lives on.”