Diddy May Have Won Halloween with Insane Joker Costume ‘Dark Knight’


Many believe Sean is online. “Diddy” Combs won Halloween this year after dressing as Batman’s archnemesis, The Joker, and reportedly carrying it off perfectly. The 52-year old music mogul started his holiday weekend with posting An Instagram video of himself in a makeup chair, urging people to “be nice, be kind, drink responsibly,”Enjoy the holiday. He began posting videos in which he dressed up as Heath Ledger’s Batman antagonist from 2008. The Dark Knight. Diddy even posted videos of himself holding a fake machine gun and laughing maniacally before a toy grenade fell from his pocket. For added creepiness, Diddy had associates who wore eerie clown masks.

Diddy ran around Los Angeles in a purple suit with green wig and bumped into stars at different points. Halloween parties in a clear nod to Hedger’s portrayal. Soon after posting his debut video, he posted another to Twitter in which he stumbles upon rapper Tyler, the Creator. He tweeted, “It’s going to be a glorious night!! Hahahaha.”The video features Diddy laughing so hard that Tyler, the Creator hangs out of a passing truck. Tyler, the Creator, added, “This is top tier,”Diddy raised the gun at him and demanded he “get out of the car.”Diddy also Kim Kardashian’s InstagramShe approaches her in her full costume as X-Men’s Mystique and laughs at her. “Would you like to come play?”She also shared a selfie with Diddy and wrote beneath it. “never broke character.”

Diddy went into the club in the evening. Power Michael J. Ferguson was an actor who may have been unaware that Diddy was underneath his costume and nearly fought. Diddy and Ferguson taunted each other in a video that has gone viral. Diddy let out a Joker laugh, and then said, “You’re a clown!”After heated exchanges, Diddy revealed who he was and they hugged. Ferguson was then told to return to his character. “come to the afterparty and change your vibration.”Diddy, who is known for his elaborate Halloween costumes pulled off a scary Pennywise. ItIn 2018 and a tribute Prince2012 Many were still amazed by the rapper’s attention to detail, and his dedication to remaining true to himself. “You can’t tell me @Diddy didn’t just earn a legit audition to be the next Joker,”Will Blackmon, Green Bay Packers alumnus Tweeted. “Bruh was in FULL character for an entire night.”

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