Disabled Combat Veteran Wins $4M Millions Lottery From His Fortune Cookie


North Carolina man decided to play the lottery by using numbers from a fortune cookie. He actually won the lottery! ‘fortune,’According to the, the number of numbers he played match the ticket for $4 Multiplier Mega Millions. North Carolina Education Lottery, who announced the news on their website

Gabriel Fierro, 60, of Cornelius, N.C. said that he learned of his win through an email and once he showed it to his wife, he told lottery officials she thought it was a “scam” or an April Fools’ joke, but as soon as the couple realized it was legitimate they both went bonkers. 

“We started running around the house screaming like a bunch of banshees,” Fierro said. 

After 32 years of service with the Army, the retired master sergeant said that he retired as a disabled combat vet after having served in Iraq. “doesn’t usually play his fortune cookie numbers”And “tried them on a whim,”The release stated. 

Fierro claimed that the fortune cookie was from Charlotte’s Red Bowl restaurant, which he frequents with wife. People reported. 

Officials told him that he bought a $3 Megaplier ticket through Online Play. He also added $1 to make the ticket a Megaplier. Officials said that Jan. 18 was the draw and his ticket was matched with all five white balls. He won $1 million. 

“Everyone loves seeing a veteran like Mr. Fierro win big. And he won in a such a fun way. He goes out to dinner with his wife, gets some lucky numbers from a fortune cookie, and − boom − he wins $4 million. That shows you good luck can happen anytime and anywhere,”Van Denton is the director of Communications at N.C. Education Lottery and spoke to Inside Edition Digital. 

Denton also added: “Mr. Fierro’s $4 million prize makes him the biggest winner so far in North Carolina in 2022. But with the Mega Millions jackpot now over $400 million, you could see more big wins with any drawing,”He stated.