Discovery+’s Love Off the Grid Star Fears Aliens and Critters in Exclusive Clip


Discovery+ has the new reality show you love. Love Off the GridThe premiere of, airs Sunday, January 30. From the creators 90-Day Fiancé, Love Off the GridFour couples believe they have found true love. Each couple has one member who lives off the grid, and the other uses modern amenities.

Preview clip: Lyndsay struggles to adapt to Spence’s rough-and-tumble lifestyle. Lyndsay met Lyndsay on Tinder on a road trip through Grand Junction Colorado. She decided to take a chance and try to adapt to life off the grid, despite having lived in the big city for many years as a social butterfly.

Lyndsay expressed concern for her dog’s safety and explained that she is glad that Spence didn’t get her. Spence, however, assures Lyndsay that all will be well. “There’s a lot of risks to living out here,”She points out. “Like, who’s to stop some dangerous criminal from coming up here with weapons? Who’s to stop some critter or alien, even, from breaking in and harming us?”

She is also concerned that Spence’s rustic cabin will be able to withstand the Colorado wilderness elements. “There’s also really strong winds and sometimes there are blizzards,”She continued. “Is this little cabin gonna stand the test of Spence’s craftsmanship? Sometimes it feels like we’re not gonna make it through the night.”

Love Off the GridThese city dwellers will be able to forage for food and hunt, trapping, fishing from the land. They will have to make or fix anything that they require. Are these four couples able to pass this final test? Love Off the Grid premieres Sunday, Jan. 30 on discovery+.