Disney Implementing Controversial Change to Disneyland This Week


Disneyland has a new change coming to the park this week. Collider reported that Disney will begin to implement Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ on Wednesday, Dec. 8. Disney Genie+ seems to be the company’s replacement for the much-beloved Fast Past. Although, the service does come with a fee. 

As for what the Genie app entails, there are plenty of features that come along with the new service. If you do download the optional, free version (Genie), you can share your favorite dining experiences, attractions, characters so that Disney can craft your perfect day in the park. The Genie app will also feature the wait times for rides so that you can manage your time while enjoying your day. Genie will work its magic throughout the day, as it will periodically send you updates about how you can spend your time in Disneyland. 

The standard Disney Genie app is free. However, Disney Genie+ does come with a fee, as users can spend $20 per ticket to access the Lightning Lane Entrance. This feature acts similarly to the now-defunct Fast Pass. Genie+ users can reserve tickets to certain rides in advance so that they can skip wait times. USA Today noted that visitors are only allowed to utilize two Lightning Lane Entrance passes per day. They can’t schedule these passes in advance, as the app will only allow you to reserve a ticket on the day of their actual park visit. That isn’t the only benefit to Genie+, though. The service also gives users unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads and audio stories that they can enjoy while strolling around the park. Both Disney Genie and Genie+ will launch in Disneyland on Wednesday. They are currently available to download for those visiting Walt Disney World in Florida. 

When the Disney Genie update was first unveiled, fans were decidedly not happy about the change. In particular, Disney fans didn’t appreciate the fact that the company got rid of a dedicated, free service like FastPass for one that you have to pay extra for. Even though they may be missing the Fast Pass, it doesn’t appear as though Disney will revisit the service now that they have Genie and Genie+ for guests to use. Luckily, if you do need some help planning your Disney journey, Genie will be available for you to craft the vacation of your dreams.