Disney+ Owns Glaring Blunder


Marvel fans were shocked to see a censored version of The Falcon, and the Winter SoldierEpisode three of the episode aired on Disney+ last month. It replaced the original version which included two scenes with violence. Disney apologized for the error after photos of the footage were shared on social media. The edits didn’t make sense considering all the other violent images in the series.

A source told The Hollywood ReporterRyan Parker that a “software control issue”The incorrect file was subsequently spotted on Disney+ Another source said Entertainment Weekly The episode’s less violent version was uploaded as they tried to fix a credit. Disney intended to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, but the studio has yet to comment on the matter.

Two scenes were discovered by social media sleuths The Falcon, and the Winter SoldierThe third episode of’s third season was tampered with. In one scene, Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) shot former Hydra scientist Wilfred Nagel (Olli Haaskivi). The original version of the scene showed Nagel with blood all around his body and his eye open. The edited version had the blood removed and his eyes closed.

Second scene: Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), throwing a pipe at an evil guy. In the original version, the pipe passed right through the man’s shoulder. The edited version however showed the pipe bouncing off of the man.

The Falcon, and the Winter Soldier In recent weeks, snafu wasn’t the only one to be discovered. Fans discovered that the latest version ofThe PunisherSeason 2 finale is not available on Disney+. “In loving memory of Stan Lee”At the end, you will find a card. Luke CageSeason 2 also ended without a tribute to Reg E. Cathey. Luke Cage The PunisherYou can now watch these Marvel Television shows on Disney+

Disney+ now hosts the Marvel Netflix series. Agents for SHIELDThe streamer provides a one-stop shop for nearly every Marvel TV show that is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moon KnightThe newest MCU series is starring Oscar Isaac. Episodes will be available on Wednesdays. Ms. MarvelPremieres on June 8, She-HulkThis movie will be released later in the year. The next MCU movie. Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of MadnessIt opens May 4.