Disney Song No. 1 from Vibrant animated musical hits Spotify Charts: 1


From In the Heights To tick, tick… BOOM!Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2021 has been an incredible year, and it is likely that 2022 will bring another great performance for the multi-talented performer. His musical contributions to Disney’s November release are what’s most notable. EncantoThat has led to a torrent of love and support from fans and social media, pushing the soundtrack to the top of charts. The track is particularly memorable. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”Miranda wrote the score with Germaine Franco scoring it. This is ironically all we want to talk.

Spotify’s No. 1 track is currently generating more than 28,000,000 streams. 1 track heard around the world since its entry into the streaming platform, the track is performed by voice cast members, Carolina Gaitán (voice of Pepa), Mauro Castillo (voice of Félix), Adassa (voice of Dolores), Rhenzy Feliz (voice of Camilo), Diane Guerrero (voice of Isabela), and Stephanie Beatriz (voice of Mirabel). The song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” with its catchy lyrics, melody and beats is about the Madrigal family’s experience with Abuela’s son, Bruno — someone often considered the black sheep of the family. Bruno couldn’t fit in with everyone so he quit the family.

Miranda, speaking in a Disney press release, spoke about the track and how it was made. “every verse and every stanza”Works to introduce a new character into the family. “They’re all riding the same musical landscape, but they ride it completely differently. Everyone sings the same chord progression with a totally different rhythm and a totally different cadence,”He said. “I think every family has stories you’re not allowed to talk about — we all have land mines inside our families. The more forbidden something is, the more you want to talk about it.”

Miranda had also written the song for the movie. BillboardHot 100 at Number. Hot 100 at No. BillboardDigital Songs is No. 10. It is a track that proves it to be absolute gold BillboardAccording to this statement, the soundtrack of the movie has reached the Top 10 on Billboard 200 within five weeks. Frozen IIIt made it into the Top 10 in its second weekly ranking, just two years after its debut.

Unfortunately, Per Variety, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”The Academy will not nominate any song for the Oscars in this year’s competition. One reason is the Academy’s Nov. 1 deadline to submit song submissions. This understanding is key to the movie’s Nov. 24 release date. Encanto was not available in theaters, nor were critics provided screeners to review the film and its soundtrack. The studio relies on its own instincts for submissions in situations like these. “Dos Oruguitas,”Sebastian Yatra sings an emotive track that reveals the tragic past of the Madrigal matriarch. It is powerful music that unleashes emotions.

EncantoDisney+ and The Disney Store are streaming the video. Spotify has the soundtrack.