Do You Remember Renee Zellweger’s First Movie Role?


Renée ZellwegerShe is one of the most admired actresses her generation. The Jerry MaguireStar proudly holds two Academy Awards, and is a multimillionaire. Even though she was a star, her first acting role was not one that she remembers fondly. Let’s look back on it.

A Classic Film

The daughter of an engineer and a nurse, Zellweger didn’t take up acting until she attended the University of Texas at Austin. She took a drama class while she was pursuing an English degree. She soon found herself in small roles. Coors Light’s commercial earned her a Screen Actors Guild Card.

With a degree in hand, 1993 saw Zellweger’s first theatrical performances. She had her first role as a speaker in the horror-comedy at 24. My Boyfriend’s Back. The scenes were cut unfortunately for her. Her first role as an actor was in a classic. You are confused and dazed.

Blink And You’ll Miss It

Stoner comedy has enjoyed great success Slacker, Richard Linklater’s 1993 film gave numerous actors their first tiny slice of mainstream success. There are many cameos from future mainstream actors in the ensemble film. Chasing AmyStars Joey Lauren Adams, Ben Affleck, Parker Posey and Milla Jovich are all in it. 

Matthew McConaughey praised the film as a success. McConaughey says “alright, alright alright”For the first time. Another iconic line is his grimy ode towards high school girls. “that’s what I love about high school girls. I get older, they stay the same age.”Everybody knows this line. But do you remember who he was looking at seconds prior to saying it? 

That’s right: Zellweger. Although she was given a few seconds more screen time, she did not get any lines.

Those few seconds of screentime helped launch Zellweger… well not really. However, it’s a good example of film history’s fun easter eggs.

For Better Things

Zellweger started to seriously work the following year. McConaughey and she co-starred in the often-maligned Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next GenerationShe worked alongside Ben Stiller in this endeavor. Reality Bites. She had become a true movie star by the end the decade.

She’s currently taking her talents to television. Zellweger stars as Pam Hupp in NBC’s true crime series Pam: The Truth About Pam. She also received an executive producer credit. Bravo! It’s amazing to think that it all began with 16 seconds of screentime almost thirty years ago.

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