Do you think vodka tastes like water if it is poured through a Brita?


TikTok trends have infiltrated every corner of our lives—from how we cook pasta to how we apply our makeup to how we spend our money. The social media app is now making a mark in alcohol. Some TikTokers claim you can make cheap vodka taste like water by using a Brita filter. Is it possible?

TikToker @han.walls was one of many Gen Zers to post about the rumor. In her video, she poured a few ounces of Tito’s vodka into her Brita filter just once. After taking a few sips, she said that the vodka was gone after one filter trip. She explained that this meant she was “aware” of the results. “in trouble.”

According to Dr. ChrisPharmD (a fellow TikToker) vodka will not turn into water-like liquid without taste or smell if it is poured through a Brita filter once. But, it will be noticeable if you run the filter a few times more.

“The Brita filter is not going to change how concentrated the alcohol is. What it is going to do is remove congeners—the organic compounds that can make hangovers worse,”He explained.

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“Pouring it through once, honestly, is not gonna do much,”He added. “Two, three, or four times … now we’re talking. It will change the taste and texture, and also the smell. It’s definitely not going to make it taste like water, though.”

The pharmacist wraps up his video by saying that if you’re on a budget, running cheap vodka through a Brita filter a few times can make “bad vodka taste not so bad.”He also mentioned that the trick can be used with whiskey, gin and other spirits. He warns, however, that these liquors’ congeners are what give the liquor its flavor.

He warns you against mixing this with tequila. “it’s going to ruin it.”

Bottom line, pouring cheap vodka through a Brita filter will mitigate the taste and smell—and possibly make your hangover more tolerable. The idea that vodka tastes like water by using this trick is false.

It also won’t ruin your Brita, and you can use any type of vodka. It is better to have a cheap vodka than ruin a costly bottle.

After all, this is one of those tips for a college student who’s pregaming at her apartment with friends, not someone who enjoys sipping a martini before dinner.

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