Do Zendaya Really Want Tom Holland to Star In Euphoria She says…


We’re not in Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore.

ZendayaIs already looking forward to her next screen collaboration with boyfriend Tom HollandHe may not be, but it is clear that the role would be much darker than what he was used to.

What exactly does the 25-year old actress want? A cameo Euphoria, she revealed during E! News’ Daily PopFriday, January 7. 

“I mean, listen, we’ve talked about it all the time,”During the exclusive chat, Zendaya spoke. “We’re like, ‘Let’s just sneak him in the back of a shot or something!'”

Tom said that he was a victim of the “strange” phenomenon. “petitioning”You can appear on the program for “a long time.” Plus, he’s certainly not limited to the part of Peter Parker. Zendaya explained that “He did Cherry, so he’s definitely not a stranger to [darker roles].”

For now, as she gears up for the premiere of EuphoriaShe is just grateful for him being in her life, and this is his second season. 

“He was very supportive, you know,” Zendaya said. “This is not an easy season, so I need as much of that as I can get.” 

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