Doctor says growing a beard might actually be good for you – here’s why


A NHS doctor has settled the dispute about whether beards should be shaved more often than clean-shaven. He also explained the advantages of having a hairy head.

Dr Karan Rajan – a surgeon who himself has a beard – explained on TikTok why growing out your stubble might be a good idea this winter.

He stated: “A beard might be cleaner than no beard.

“In a study that compared hospital workers with and without facial hair, it was found that people with clean beards were three times more likely (and twice as likely) to have MRSA.

“This might be because shaving creates micro-abrasions which are the perfect breeding ground for this bacteria.”

Dr Karan claimed that beards could actually provide you with a sense of security, contrary to popular belief. “super-soft skin”.

He stated: “This happens because the beard not only protects the skin underneath by blocking sun exposure but the beard also acts as a barrier to stop you constantly scratching the skin around your face.”

Since he uploaded the video on Sunday, November 28, it has been viewed more than 280,000 times. People debate whether they prefer hairy or bald.

One user joked: “And my wife said it was because I’m too lazy to shave, now I can show her a doctor’s note.”

Another viewer complained: “You just want to make those who can’t grow a beard even more mad.”

Someone else said: “And now I have more reasons to keep my beard! Not just avoiding looking like a teenager.”

“Me being 19 with a full beard,”One person was proud to say it.

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