Doctor Who rumours suggest David Tennant could reprise his role in the new series


Rumours are circulating currently that David Tennant, the Doctor Who actor, could be returning to the role after Jodie Whittaker’s exit from the series.

Jodie Whittaker is currently the 13th regeneration Doctor and will retire from the series in a special episode later in the year.

Rumours are circulating about who might replace her. One fan claims they spotted a tip on a fan site.

They believe that the BBC source is responsible. “leaked the information”According to the Plymouth Herald.

David Tennant played the Doctor from 2005-2010
David Tennant played Doctor from 2005-2010

However, the source of this information has not yet been verified and is not officially recognized.

Fans think the rumours are credible despite this. One user claims that the source who leaked Sacha Dawan’s casting for The Master as The Doctor’s nemesis in series 12 is the same person.

If true, this would make David Tennant as the only Doctor Who actor who has played the same time lord twice.

Sacha Dhawan joined Doctor Who as The Master in 2020
Sacha Dhawan joined Doctor Who to become The Master in 2020

From 2005 to 2010, the Des and Good Omens actor played alongside Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble and Rose Tyler of Billie Piper.

His Doctor was a huge hit with viewers, with more than 12.7million people tuning into to watch the final episode of the actor. It featured the touching words. “I don’t want to go,”Before he could regenerate into the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith in The Crown.

David Tennant reprised his role in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special alongside Matt Smith
David Tennant and Matt Smith reprised their roles in Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special.

Russell T Davies, who wrote the series with David Tennant, would return to the program to direct it for its 14th season. It would also be the ideal time for the actor.

Digital Spy also asked him about a possible return of the series. “Never say never.”

He stated: “Because there’s that element of fantasy, anything is ultimately possible. You should never say never to anything. I think that way madness lies.”

David Tennant has said "never say never" about returning to Doctor Who
David Tennant has spoken “never say never”How to return to Doctor Who

While many may be unsure if the Doctor could reprise his role, past episodes have demonstrated that the Doctor has the power to choose his appearance.

Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor was enabled to choose his next regeneration after some assistance from the Sisterhood of Khan. Romana Gallifreyan, Paul McGann’s companion, was able, too, to choose her new body following a regeneration.

Jodie Whittaker is due to depart from her role as the Doctor later this year
Jodie Whittaker, the Doctor, will soon be retiring from her role.

Despite rumours to the contrary, some other stars have been highly tipped for the role of the next Doctor. They include David Tennant’s Good Omen’s star Michael Sheen and It’s a Sin stars Lydia West (Olly Alexander) and Omari Douglas.

Jodie Whittaker has yet to be officially confirmed as Jodie Whittaker’s successor. Fans will have to wait to find out who the next Tardis occupant will be.

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