Does Gabriel Iglesias Have A Wife? This is What We Know about His Love Life


Gabriel Iglesias is a standup comedian who’s been on the scene for more than 20 years. Self-nicknamed “Fluffy,”The portly comedian has appeared in many comedy specials including We Luv Fluffy, Aloha Fluffy, I’m Sorry For What I Said While I Was Hungry?, One show fits all. While the comedian is clearly open about poking fun at his weight, he’s much more reserved when it comes to his love life. Who is Gabriel Iglesias’s girlfriend or wife? Is he married to one? Here’s what we know.

Gabriel Iglesias Keeps His Love Life Private

Details about Igelsias’s private life are scarce because the star goes to great pains to keep it private. So we can’t say for certain if he’s single or not. However, we know that the 45-year old comedian is not currently with anyone. And it doesn’t appear as though he’s ever been married.

After years of non-stop work, the heavy performer experienced what he called a “meltdown” in 2017. “I was burned out dude, 20 years of the same thing with no breaks,” In a 2018 interview, he stated the following: Billboard magazine. “I wasn’t being creative anymore. It was becoming work. And I wasn’t spending enough time at home and that was taking its toll as well.”

We’re sure this must have taken a toll on his personal life. Iglesias also revealed that he developed a drinking problem and that it was affecting the ones he loved. “I wasn’t drinking to be social. I would drink because I just wanted to go to sleep,”He spoke to the magazine. “I was stressin’ out so bad and the drinking was magnifying the problem. I was just gettin’ sloppy, making poor decisions. I wasn’t being the best person at home, and I wasn’t being the best entertainer out on the road.”

Claudia Valdez was his first date

During his interview with Billboard,Iglesias recalled the moment he realized he needed a change. “I fell down and was like, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing with myself?’ Yeah there’s cars, yeah there’s money, but am I still happy? I got a kid at home who has everything, but didn’t have me around as much as he could’ve had.”

Iglesias wasn’t referring to his biological child. He actually referred to it as the son of his former girlfriend, who he declined the right to identify in the article. But Sources claim she was Claudia Valdez, a woman.The couple had been in a relationship for over a decade. However, Iglesias clearly expressed his emotions to the audience during a benefit show in 2019. That they had been separatedHe was also taking the time to work on himself.